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A worthwhile project in which two business networking colleagues are involved – Dale Slinger and Marek Niedzwiedz.

Here is a little about the project.

In the winter of 2011, a lecturer at our university of ASBIRO Rev. Jacek ( invited us to visit him in Africa. We were there for over a month and the time we spent together allowed us to get to know each other better and to become friends. During the journey of thousands of kilometres together we exchanged different views and plans for development. It so happened that we had common plans. We were talking about our investment plans in Russia and the Ukraine and Jacek was talking about his Parish that he had recently been allocated the care of.

Not everyone knows that priests in Africa are different people to these here at home. Imagine that in each parish there is a company with between 10 and 100 people employed. At almost each parish there is a nursery school, school, internet coffee, canteen, hotel and sometimes even a farm, pool or brick factory. Each of them is a well organised company thanks to which a parish can afford to finance orphanages or hospitals.

Jacek became the rector of the parish that had been a side chapel of another parish. The property consists off a small church, 2 acres of grass and a few trees. It’s located in the capital of Zambia- Lusaka, and in one of the poorest areas –Linda.

Jacek has spent more than 20 years in Africa where he initiated a lot of ventures. His interest in conomics drove him into education. His development plans for the parish included building a

nursery school, one of which he had already run in Botswana, next a primary school ,both of which are educational ventures. For a couple of years he followed the development of ASBIRO and clearly expressed that as a supporter of The Austrian School of Economics he foresees the same sort of education in his school.

What’s left to us to do is to combine the idea of building a school in Africa with the existing ASBIRO model and principles. Our goal is to help build an education complex on the existing ground of Jacek Gniadek’s Parish inZambia. The whole project is divided into three stages. Stages will be completed consecutively. At

present we are focussed on building a nursery school. This will be a building consisting of 3 classrooms and a social room for children and employees. There will also be a playground, a garden and sports field. The investment has been calculated at sixty-three thousand two hundred and forty zloty (around £13.000).

We’re collecting donations.

We need anything and everything that’s needed when building the nursery school and the school from scratch. Below, there is a list of the most important items. However, if you think that you have anything to spare that can be donated to us that could be of any use when building or running the nursery or the school, don’t hesitate to write to us , even if what you offer isn’t on the list.

There isn’t any basic building material like bricks, sand or cement on the list as their transport cost renders them uneconomical. However, the list contains items that, for us, are of everyday use but in Zambia even if you wanted to be purchase them, are impossible to get, i.e. dishwashers and nice playgrounds.

Donated items don’t necessary need to be new, however, they shouldn’t be excessively worn or damaged.   The List of needed items……

  • Computers
  • Photocopiers
  • Desks
  • TVs
  • Carpets
  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Paper, pens, staplers, files, etc.
  • Curtains, net curtains
  • Toys
  • Children’s books in English especially activity books
  • Paint, wall paper, and glue.
  • Wall tiles
  • White Boards and multimedia projectors
  • School uniforms or material for them.
  • Cups, plates, cutlery and canteen equipment
  • Large capacity washing machine and a large capacity dishwasher
  • Bedding, pillowcases and deck chairs
  • Printers
  • Floor panels
  • Notebooks
  • Playground, swings, slides and sand pits
  • Benches for outside
  • Garden lamps and torches

Volunteers welcomed!

Donations will be useful, money even more, but even more appreciated would be your skills and your help as a volunteer. If you are skilled at building or organising our initiative please contact us.

The rules are simple. You have to get to Lusaka (tickets from 2 to 2.500 zloty which is about £400- 500). When you get there we will provide you with accommodation, feed you well and you will be working. It’s certain apart from work you must live your life that’s why in your spare time you can visit the beautiful surrounding area. Thus, you will work a bit, you will visit Africa for little money and in an unusual way, you will help people and at the same time survive an incredible adventure.

A huge transport to Africa departs in September 2012 – Where exactly it is:

For more information, contact either Dale Slinger: 0775 458 0868 or 01709 362991 or Marek Niedzwiedz: 0775 636 1513 or 0114 360 3335



Barrett's at 235 Crookes, Sheffield

Barrett’s @235

We recently provided some staff training in Communication, Body Language and Customer Service at Barrett’s.  The owner of Barrett’s Bistro on Hutcliffe Wood Road, Sheffield and Barrett’s @235, Crookes, Sheffield, James Barrett, is a dynamic and enthusiastic restaurateur who is as passionate about customer service as we are!

James employs a dedicated team of staff both front of house and behind the scenes in both establishments, to provide a welcoming atmosphere to accompany fantastic food.

Strongly believing that ‘people buy people first’ and that it’s the people in a business that really make the business work, James sees the importance of enhancing the skills, attitude and behaviour of his staff.

Barrett’s Bistro is an established restaurant service high quality food and is located at 2 Hutcliffe Wood Road, Sheffield. Their new venture is located at 235 Crookes, Sheffield – hence the name ‘Barrett’s @235’. This new venture provides high quality warm and cold Bistro style food to both eat-in and take-away. Located in the heart of the City’s student living, this up-market establishment provides a quality addition to the local dining scene.

Well worth a visit – the food is great and the service excellent – if it isn’t we want to know!

James kindly provided us with a short video testimonial about out training – see the video at  or view it on our blog here    You can visit Barrett’s website here

Testimonial from James Barrett – owner of Barrett’s Bistro and Barrett’s @235. We recently provided some training for James’s staff in Customer Service, Communication and Body Language.

Testimonial by Leigh Curry – newly appointed Team Leader with Sheffield City Council’s Customer First Team