It’s really wonderful to mark the One hundred and fifty year opening of this grand hotel; a property that’s roots run deep through the city’s history. An anniversary is a time to pause and reflect.

Built in the time of the British Empire, in the heart of the industrial revolution, an era of incredible optimism and opportunities, when the buildings were very much seen a reflection of status and social class, this perfectly geometrically proportioned historic building with its large bay windows, Victoria railings and many alluring features, demonstrates magnificently the very best example of Victorian architecture.

It is easy to see why Victorian interior decoration is one of the most popular design styles. Casting your eye around the building; the magnificent frescoed ceilings, the intricate ceiling cornices, the elaborate pediments over doors, the abundant chandeliers, the imposing marble fireplaces, and the heavy gold mirrors signal grandeur of yester year.

It is worth remembering that when this hotel was built, 150 years ago, across the water America was in the throes of a terrible Civil War. In January that year America introduced the concept of the 1st US income tax (3% of incomes > $600, 5% of incomes > $10,000); oh to have those income tax rates today. In United States they commissioned the USS Monitor, the first ironclad warship. They introduced a paper currency, the (greenbacks) introduced by Pres Abraham Lincoln. In Europe Les Misérables was published by Victor Hugo and in Prussia aged 47 Otto von Bismarck becomes its prime minister.

During the mid-19th century, Britain enjoyed unparalleled prosperity. The contributions made to the world by the British Empire in technology, philosophy, literature, medicine, investment, institutions, and plain advancements of mankind, was clear to see. The great power of this industrial revolution could be witnessed in the advancement of the railways; alongside a new breed of prestigious hotels that include hotels that remain today household names: The Caledonian Edinburgh, The Gleneagles Hotel, The Turnberry Hotel, The Midland Hotel Manchester, The Landmark London, The Grosvenor Hotel and in Sheffield The Royal Victoria Hotel.

The Railways and their new prestigious Railway Hotels really opened the opportunity of travel in the country. It is not hard to see why the ‘great and the good’, flocked to this new way of travel; electing to stay in the grandeur of these Victorian Hotels, that personified the timeless opulent of the Victoria era, a captivating, exquisite, and truly unforgettable image of lavish, abundant living.

So much history is centred on in this great hotel. Queen Victoria and successive members of the royal family elected to say in the Royal Victoria, as it is known in Sheffield, when visiting Yorkshire. The hotel has hosted in the past 150 years many Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill, and writers including Oscar Wilde. The wonders that have been unveiled, the parties have been seen, and the events have been celebrated as the hotel witness great unions of Families, Companies, association dinners, and corporate events, to most recently hosting the Olympic Torch. For One hundred and fifty years, the Royal Victoria truly has been at the heart of Sheffield life.

Set on high ground, this magnificent and impressive grade 2 listed building is Sheffield’s oldest city centre hotel.   The bedrooms are spacious, elegant and beautifully appointed and follow the very best principles of Victorian design, with the walls painted in dark and vibrant colours, and voluminous high ceilings. The bedrooms sizes and shapes reflective of their time; are grand, capacious and individually sized. The Royal Victoria has a proud reputation for offering a seamless fusion of the traditional and modern livings due to its passion for uncompromising service combine with the investment in the latest technologies.

As we all look back with pride and gratitude on One hundred and fifty years of rich history, we look forward with excitement about what the next 150 years will bring. We invite you enjoin your events and celebrations in this great hotel; to write your own page in the illustrious future of Sheffield’s oldest hotel.

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