How Good Is Your Customer Service?

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Customer Service

The vast majority of people will not return to a company they have left due to poor customer service under any circumstances, new research has revealed.

A study released today (3 May) by employee engagement agency Involve found that 79% of Britons have never been persuaded to re-join an organisation after deciding to end their association.

Even financial incentives from firms do not work very often, with just 8% of the 2,000 individuals questioned admitted being won back with a discount or a better deal.

Over promise and under deliver ….the most likely reason for leaving an organisation was found to be when people had found there was a significant discrepancy between the services they were promised and what they actually received, with 68% of respondents indicating this to be the case.

Jeremy Starling, managing director at Involve, said that while companies should be “heartened” by the fact most customers will not leave the first time they experience a problem, they will if attitude of their customer services personnel is poor.

How good is your customer service? How do you know? Do you really talk to your customers and find out what they want and if your service meets their expectations?

Communication is the key and people make the difference when it comes to good service.

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