New phone app could signal end of call centre queues

Posted: March 8, 2012 in News and Features


Hanging on the phone waiting for a call centre to answer could become a thing of the past thanks to a British invention.


The average Briton spends 45 hours a year waiting on the phone.

But an inventor thinks he has come up with the answer – a phone app that promises to do the waiting for you.

Matt King’s ‘WeQ4U’ service claims to not only take the angst out of contacting call centres, but also save users about 30p per minute.

His ‘queuing robot’ technology means people can put the phone down when told to wait for a call centre to pick up. It stays connected and will only ring the user’s own phone once an operator is free.

The service is available to landline, Android and iPhone users but Mr King, 36, from Kennington in south London, soon hopes to add a BlackBerry app.

Some call centre operators may be surprised to find themselves put through to a customer, rather than the other way round but Mr King says the feedback has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

He is now putting together a hitlist of which companies or agencies are rated worst by consumers for waiting times.
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