Council Put Customers FIRST!

Posted: November 27, 2011 in News and Features
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Customer First! Training for Council Staff

Sheffield City Council have embarked on a programme of Customer Service training for their staff at their walk-in centre (First Point) and at their centralised telephone contact centre.

Crucible Learning and Development are proud to have been awarded the contract to deliver this training, which has included Understanding Communication Styles, Listening Skills, Telephone Skills, Body Language recognition, Workplace Coaching to Improve Performance, and First Line Supervisor Skills.

We continue to work with the Council to expand this programme into other service areas.

We are proud to be working with Sheffield City Council to enhance the skills of their staff in providing

excellent service to the citizens of Sheffield.

Sheffield is one of England’s largest cities and a metropolitan borough in South Yorkshire, England. It gained its city charter in 1893 and officially became titled the City of Sheffield.

With a population of 555,000, the City of Sheffield is England’s third largest metropolitan authority and the fourth largest City outside London.

The city has two universities – the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University – with over 61,300 students.

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